Android, OLPC, and native hosting

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Tue Dec 29 14:31:59 EST 2009

NoiseEHC wrote:
> What you do 
> not want to recognize is that you are excluding a lot of developers who 
> do not want to waste their time because of the lack of IDEs.

We are trying to provide stepping stones.  One of those steps is the
Develop activity [1], which is a Sugar-oriented IDE for Activity
development.  Develop has been part of the Sugar plan from the very
beginning, with the first references in 2006 [2].  In my view, Develop is
by far the most important missing feature in Sugar.

I don't know much about Develop's current functionality, and I can't test
it this week.  I do think it's important that we get it working, polished,
and included by default.



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