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> http://www.forbes.com/2009/12/22/tablet-computer-negroponte-technology-cio-network-olpc.html
> "It aims to make its tablet PC highly durable, all plastic, waterproof,
> half the thickness of an iPhone and use less than a watt of power, despite
> an 8-gigaherz processor. The price: an unprecedented $75."
> Well, that's cool.
> Deciphering OLPC press releases sometimes feels like I'm playing chess
> with Picasso, and he keeps breaking the rules, and I can't tell whether
> this is some kind of art or he's just cheating.
> --Ben
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More than anything I find this quote amusing:

"We don't necessarily need to build it," Negroponte told Forbes. "We just
need to threaten to build it."

I suppose we could threaten to code the OS, threaten to support it, threaten
to create content... :-)

Hey, its Festivus. Air out the grievances!!!

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