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Fri Dec 18 08:36:54 EST 2009


On Thu, 17 Dec 2009 16:38:03 -0300, C├ęsar "D. Rodas"
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> Hello All,
> In the FC-11, The Midore Browser comes as the default browser. It looks
> good so far, but it has a little bug, well it is not a proper bug, the
> font-size is too big displaying messages.

s/Midore/Midori/g :-)

When I said "messages" before, I meant "error messages". In order to
reproduce it, just open a non valid URL.

> As I said before, it is not a proper bug, and I fixed it by setting the
> default font size to 6px, in the ~/.config/midori/config, and it looks
> better. Is there a way to set this configuration by default?, I think it
> could be done in the RPM itself, in a %post stage. I might be wrong. If
> I'm not wrong, who is takes care of Midore (or perhaps Gnome) packaging?
> Even though Sugar is our target desktop we want everything to (sort of)
> work if some kid chooses to try out Gnome. 
> Best regards
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