XO-1.5 C1 bringup News

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Wed Dec 16 05:40:37 EST 2009

On 16.12.2009, at 11:10, John Watlington wrote:
> Greetings from cloudy Shanghai!    We are completing the
> XO-1.5 C1 bringup at QSMC, and it is going OK.
> Mitch Bradley, Richard Smith and Paul Fox spent the last two
> and a half weeks working on getting the manufacturing tests
> integrated into Open Firmware.   This both gives us more
> control over the testing and run-in phases, and builds
> these tests into the laptop for use throughout the life cycle.
> They have both pulled out significant amounts of hair
> trying to reverse engineers the details of communication
> with the Quanta manufacturing infrastructure.
> We ran half the laptops through assembly yesterday to
> flush out any final problems, and expect to run the remaining
> laptops tmw.   Overall, 100 laptops are being built, with
> 45 going to Cambridge for serious testing over the next month.
> Hardware-wise, we've run into some interesting bugs but in
> the end they were caused either by simple manufacturing
> mistakes (programming the pick&place to drop a resistor where
> a cap. should be) or by known flaws discovered after
> the C1 motherboard was released to manufacturing.
> We will be making one more motherboard, C2, to fix a number
> of remaining small problems.   C2 will be the one entering
> mass production.
> I'd like to express thanks to members of the OLPC software team
> around the world for pulling together the software releases which
> make the hardware actually work.   We are also grateful to the
> Quanta team, including Gary Chiang (THE expert on XO hardware),
> Arthur Huang (project manager), Beckham Chen (EE), and
> Wei-Heng Lin (test software).
> Cheers,
> wad


- Bert -

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