a trac milestone for F11-for-XO1 work

C├ęsar D. Rodas crodas at paraguayeduca.org
Tue Dec 15 12:08:39 EST 2009


I'm Cesar Rodas from Paraguay, as you might notice I'm new here, please
be nice if I say something wrong :-)

On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 22:33 +0000, Daniel Drake wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wanted to point out that there is a new "1.0-software-future"
> milestone in trac. I encourage those of you who are working on
> F11-for-XO1 to use that to coordinate on the outstanding issues.

I was talking to Raul and he told me we could help adding tickets for
the XO1 (from the mailing list, and if we find some bugs). Also, we can
help trying (as hard as we can) to hunt down those bugs.

We're interested to help because we have ~4000 XO1 running OS-8.2 and we
want to upgrade to Fedora11+Sugar0.84 ASAP (in less than month).

> The disclaimer is that if someone puts a ticket there which additionally
> applies to XO-1.5, we might move it to an XO-1.5 milestone. But if we do
> that, it's probably because we're going to fix it soon, so hopefully you
> won't complain :)
> Also, once we get the XO-1.5 initial software release finished, I plan
> to rework our build system, and I'll make it so that both XO-1 and
> XO-1.5 builds can be made from the same codebase.
> Thanks!
> Daniel
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