a trac milestone for F11-for-XO1 work

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Mon Dec 14 17:33:57 EST 2009


Just wanted to point out that there is a new "1.0-software-future"
milestone in trac. I encourage those of you who are working on
F11-for-XO1 to use that to coordinate on the outstanding issues.

The disclaimer is that if someone puts a ticket there which additionally
applies to XO-1.5, we might move it to an XO-1.5 milestone. But if we do
that, it's probably because we're going to fix it soon, so hopefully you
won't complain :)

Also, once we get the XO-1.5 initial software release finished, I plan
to rework our build system, and I'll make it so that both XO-1 and
XO-1.5 builds can be made from the same codebase.



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