TamTam Mini Quirks In Build 56

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Dec 14 18:14:11 EST 2009

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 10:15:02PM -0800, Caryl Bigenho wrote:
> OK. Tried it again with build 59.  This time it was different.

Oh, that's unfortunate.  It makes me worry about your hardware now.  ;-)

> I played with it for about 40 mins with no problems until the sound
> quit!  I tried it in TamTam Jam... no sound. I tried it in Speak... no
> sound. Rebooted... sound was fine! 

Okay, next time "no sound" happens, try "Ctrl-Alt-Erase" to restart
Sugar ... before you try the reboot.

Also check the volume control.  And make sure nothing is plugged in to
the green headphone socket.   ;-)  That's just me covering all the

I've not seen a "no sound" problem with os59 or later.  I did a test
yesterday with four laptops playing sound from Tam Tam Mini for about
120 minutes, and it didn't go wrong.  The sound stopped each time the
laptops suspended from being idle, but restarted once I woke them up.

> This is probably an interesting problem that isn't a problem. How many
> people are going to play with Tam Tam Mini for 40 minutes? Probably
> not many. And if they do manage to crash the sound, they can just
> reboot.

If we can reproduce "lose the sound after playing for 40 minutes", then
we should fix it.

I have seen kids who will sit for three hours playing with Tam Tam Mini,
if allowed the time.  Whether the kid is allowed the time is usually not
in our control.

A low occurrence frequency of the problem will change how we investigate
it; what resources we will deploy for that investigation, but I still
think if the problem happens we need to investigate it.  Or at least
understand it.

> So, I'll download build 60 now and see what other things I can get to
> crash!

Great, thanks for your testing!

James Cameron

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