1.5 - gnome-packagekit?

Reuben K. Caron reuben at laptop.org
Mon Dec 7 19:13:33 EST 2009

In the sugar environment we have the great resource of activities.sugarlabs.org 
  that children can browse through to add new activities. However, on  
the Gnome side of things we only have the yum terminal commands. While  
I realize children can add, remove, and install programs using such  
commands, it is a bit problematic when you don't know the name of what  
you are searching for or the actual name of the package you want to  
install or remove.

-Should we include gnome-packagekit to provide such functionality?
-Or would including it increase the complexities of managing  

Since .XO and .XOL bundles were specifically designed to be "safe" for  
installation and removal, I'm concerned the inclusion of gnome- 
packagekit would allow one to more easily break their installation but  
I also think it would be nice for children to explore the rest of what  
Fedora has to provide.



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