Secure or Unsecure?

Chris Ball cjb at
Sun Dec 6 17:03:31 EST 2009

Hi Caryl,

   > First, I don't know how to tell if the machine is secured or not.

It's definitely unsecured.

   > As a "developer" machine it should be unsecured, but the firmware
   > version doesn't show up on the start-up banner. As a matter of
   > fact, there is no start-up banner, leading me to suspect the
   > machine is secured.

We removed the banner by default, to make for a prettier boot.  To get
it back, you can hold down the "check" game key while powering on.
   > I was able to find the firmware version (Q3A11) in the "About My
   > Computer" section. I need to get to Q3a18.

Upgrading to the release candidate OS will install Q3A18, so you don't
need to do that part of the upgrade yourself.

   > Secondly, I tried to do the update online on the XO, following
   > carefully the instructions on the q3a18 firmware section of the
   > wiki. No matter what variation of the commands I enter it comes
   > back with "No such file or directory" or "command not
   > found". Maybe I have a syntax error of some type, but I have
   > tried several variations with no luck.
   > Any suggetions?

If you're talking about a command that starts with "flash", that's for
the firmware, and not for the booted XO.

To upgrade both firmware and software at the same time, open the
terminal activity, go online, and type:

sudo su -
olpc-update f11_xo1.5-54
<when finished successfully>

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
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