Wanted: List of Sugar activities for the XO-1.5

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Fri Dec 4 10:23:58 EST 2009


Le 4 déc. 09 à 15:03, Reuben K. Caron a écrit :

> With the localization question sorted out.

I even got better news since yesterday : I think I fixed the .rpm  
and .deb packaging, and we can expect to provide localized archives  
soon (verifications in progress). My problem is the only Linux I  
tested is the Mips (Mandriva) shipped with my gdium, but I'm  
confident, it will work as well on Linux Intel too.

This means, menu entries will be provided as .noarch .debs and/ 
or .rpm (e.g. the menu entries the gnome-panel provides)

> Now how about my question on getting ooo4kids linked on the Gnome  
> side so both sugar and Gnome can share the same program?

I'm not sure to get what you mean. Can you explain more ? About Gnome  
(same for KDE), I'd like to say, even the most recent version does  
not use gtk, but only the generic toolkit (the historic one)  
OpenOffice.org provides. More precisely, I modified it to use a  
configuration file, named ooo4kidsrc.txt file (see at the end of the  
mail), containing several sections.  The only one used is General,  
and if you replace XO like with General (et vice versa), you'll be  
able to test other looks. This choice was made for performance reasons.

Nevertheless, this is easy and possible to use gtk at build time (use  
--enable-gtk and install all the dependencies is sufficient). Just  
think to add 6 more MB or so in the archive doing that.

> I believe we are doing this with etoys. Can we do it with ooo4kids?

I don't know eToys (just seen the screenshots), and I'm not opposed  
myself (just need more information).

Looking forward to reading you,

Content of ooo4kidsrc.txt (as example) :

# Configure file for UI colors in OOOo4Kids on Linux
# Created by Eric Bachard 2009 09 25 (based on Mox Soini work )
# The settings under label [General] are used. Modify it according to
# the other labels, if you want to change it.

# only the [General]  part is used
# a commented line starts with # character

#font=Andale Mono,Andale Sans UI

# based on Mac OS X examples
# invent your theme !

[XO like]
#font=Andale Mono,Andale Sans UI




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