8.2.2 Beta-1 test request

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 07:34:54 EST 2009

Note! We are also testing the XO-1.5 builds, and hoping to make a
release Real Soon Now. If you have XO-1.5 hardware, help us test the
1.5 builds. On the other hand, if you have XO-1s to test, I need help

The build is '802B1' -- find it at:


Filing bugs -- the bugs related to this release are tagged with
milestone '8.2.2'. Please set that milestone in any new bug you file,
or add your notes to the existing bugs:

What's new?


The build has a rebuilt kernel with new touchpad drivers, and some
configuration tweaks. This is for both old 'ALPS' touchpads and new
'Synaptics' touchpads. (Do mention which one you have!)

With these changes, the touchpads should move a little bit slower,
have a bit more precision, and be a lot less 'jumpy'. In fact, when
they data gets jumpy, the driver ignores the data instead of jumping

Is the kangaroo mode gone? Is it more usable now? Are other effects creeping in?

Comparison test drawing spirals:

 - Grab 2 XOs with the same touchpad type, load the old stable 802 on
one, and my test build (802B1) on the other. If you only have one XO,
try one OS after the other...

 - Open Paint and draw spirals

    1) try to keep it reasonably tight
    2) stop if you collide or get sloppy
    3) count the number of cycles
    4) try again N times
    5) use the average cycles as a measure


= Kernel =

The kernel rebuild may have caused other issues. Any problems with
suspend/resume, wireless, freezes, I want to hear about them.

= Wireless: Associating to Access Points and debugging =

Fixed a bug where NetworkManager would -- in a % of connections -- not
realise that the process had succeeded. Side by side, 802B1 should
connect successfully to an AP more often.

And now if you `touch /etc/NetworkManager/log-supplicant` and restart.
That same file is used as the logfile by wpa_supplicant.

= Startup / shutdown =

Two bugs related to the shutdown process have been fixed. Rebooting
side-by-side, you should see 802B1 shutdown much faster, and never
hang in the switch to the "ul-warning" screen.

If it ever hangs in the shutdown process, let me know...

= Talk to the XS =

Sugar now connects to gabble immediately after registration, no need
for a reboot - If you have an XS handy (hint: get the XS-on-XO image
on an SD card!), you can confirm this enhancement.
http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/9726 -

You can run 'olpc-connections' in a terminal to see it switch from one
to the other right away.

= OS version =

The Sugar Control Panel should report the right version in 'About my
XO'. And the 'Update' control panel must check for new activities by
hitting a url ending in /8.2.2 (you might need a packet capture for
that, or point it to a server you manage, just to see the 404s...).

= Update your Activities? =

The "you must update your activities" dialog on first boot is gone! It
will only appear after a major upgrade (not a minor one).

To test this, you can: install an older release (756 for example) and
then use olpc-update --usb to upgrade to 802B1.

= Do the activities work? =

Try out the activities included. Did I break the OS so that any
activities are failing?

= Antitheft topics =

There are several antitheft enhancements -- these are more involved to
test. If anyone is prepared to play with antitheft stuff, have a look
at the 2 README files in olpc-bios-crypto and ping me.


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