GSM/CDMA Modems support

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Dec 3 16:26:12 EST 2009

On Thu, Dec 03, 2009 at 11:58:47AM -0800, Hal Murray wrote:
> pgf at said:
> > martin wrote:
> >> Is there any chance to include CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION
> >> module in the kernel for the F11-XO{1,1.5} builds? In our region,
> >> GSM/CDMA connections are very popular so it would be nice
> >> to have support for them (for multiple purposes: end-user usage,
> >> support team, etc.).
> > i have done this, this morning, for the XO-1.5 builds. 
> Thanks.
> I think that you also need a driver for the specific device you want to use.  

CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION is a driver for the Option series of devices,
the most popular in my current opinion.

> Which ones did you include?

Good question.  My git fu is fail right now, I give up.  ;-}

> The default on the setup I just checked is none, 
> so unless you enabled a few of them it probably won't work.  If you enabled 
> all of them, how much disk space do they use?

About 1360 blocks of 1024 bytes each on Ubuntu, if that helps.  Roughly
one thousandth of the available space on a 2Gb unit.

> The ones that I've seen in USB to serial dongles are the FTDI and Prolific 
> 2303.
> There may be others in common use, but those are the only ones I've seen.

CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_PL2303=m is present already on build os50.

James Cameron

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