GSM/CDMA Modems support

Hal Murray hmurray at
Thu Dec 3 14:58:47 EST 2009

pgf at said:
> martin wrote:
>> Is there any chance to include CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION
>> module in the kernel for the F11-XO{1,1.5} builds? In our region,
>> GSM/CDMA connections are very popular so it would be nice
>> to have support for them (for multiple purposes: end-user usage,
>> support team, etc.).

> i have done this, this morning, for the XO-1.5 builds. 


I think that you also need a driver for the specific device you want to use.  
Which ones did you include?  The default on the setup I just checked is none, 
so unless you enabled a few of them it probably won't work.  If you enabled 
all of them, how much disk space do they use?

The ones that I've seen in USB to serial dongles are the FTDI and Prolific 
There may be others in common use, but those are the only ones I've seen.

PL2303 is used by many low cost GPS units.  I used one on an old F9 XO-1 
build, so now that I think about it, it must have been enabled in that kernel 
so that may be an interesting place to check for a list of useful drivers.

Martin:  Which devices are you interested in?  What modules get loaded when 
you plug your cell phone into a Linux box where it works?

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