GSM/CDMA Modems support

Paul Fox pgf at
Thu Dec 3 13:55:18 EST 2009

martin wrote:
 > Is there any chance to include CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION module in the
 > kernel for the F11-XO{1,1.5} builds? In our region, GSM/CDMA connections
 > are very popular so it would be nice to have support for them (for multiple
 > purposes: end-user usage, support team, etc.).

i have done this, this morning, for the XO-1.5 builds.

what branch are the F11-XO-1 builds being built from?  (i believe
the right answer will be either olpc-2.6.30 or olpc-2.6.31.)

 paul fox, pgf at

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