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Bastien -

Moon photos are a problem for just about any kind of astrophotography.  In addition to anything else you might try in software, the best bet is to add some kind of neutral-density filter over the scope.  You might try some scrap anti-static wrap (the gray, translucent kind).  It might be too dark for when the moon is less than full.  Ideally you could find two pieces of cheap polarized material (inexpensive or broken polarized sunglass lenses) that you could put on top of one another while rotating one of them, making a serviceable circular polarizing filter.

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On Dec 3, 2009, at 5:32 AM, Bastien wrote:

> Hi,
> some people in France (from La main à la pâte) designed a telescope for
> the XO.  It's a cheap ad hoc device they stick close to the camera, and
> it can zoom by 10x -- useful for observing, say, the moon.
> At this stage of the project, they have two problems:
> - shots of the moon are often saturated: how to reduce the gain
>  of the camera?  Ideally one would like to do this manually...
> - is there a way to take pictures with a higher resolution?  the 
>  default compression level doesn't produce great pictures.
> Thanks for any feedback!
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> Bastien
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