About 8.2.2 unlocking

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Thu Dec 3 04:48:38 EST 2009

> I think for the case of Cambodia with many small deployments 
> (educational NGOs got XOs donated from G1G1/OLPC or other donors), no 
> signed builds probably means that the XOs don't get updated anymore.

Are you trying to say that the Cambodian OLPC recipients don't have
any serious chance of jailbreaking their laptops?  Installing an OS
release is a fifteen minute process, whether it's signed or not, once
you disable the DRM.  The DRM is the only constraint (other than losing
all the data you had in the laptop).

Perhaps instead of coming with a "signed build", new releases should
come with a monster keyring that will unlock any known laptop and then
install the release on it.  Hmm, another way to do this would be for
OLPC to sign one last build, which installs new firmware that unlocks
any laptop except those built for specific large-scale deployments
(which have internally decided to continue the DRM and sign their own

But whether the unlock is automatic or must be done manually, at least
every new installation on a random XO will leave that machine
unlocked, thereby reducing the long-term problem.


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