Candidate "paper cut" bugs for a new 8.2.x release?

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Sun Aug 30 15:26:16 EDT 2009


I do not know what was the conclusion about this _completely 
hypothetical_ case but does fixing the Geode VGA driver match the "paper 
cut" criteria?

Since I am porting (very slowly since 2 months ago I did not know 
anything at all about the Linux boot process for example) Android to the 
XO-1 there were some display errors. Android uses FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO to 
flip (and not blit!!!) between two frames in video memory and without a 
patched Geode FB driver it causes a very awful flicker since the Geode 
FB driver turns off the video output then sets params then turns on the 
video output. Similar flicker can be seen on the XO when Sugar wakes up 
from a frozen DCON so possibly my fix would be applicable here as well.

If fixing the driver is desirable then probably I could fix the other 
Geode driver bug, the video overlay fuckup during wakeup. My little 
question is this: does anybody know how and where the sleep happens? Is 
the video output turned off in the FB or the X driver? Is the FB driver 
used at all when the X driver takes control?

The attached file is not a patch but a VERY ugly "fix" for trying... :) 
Of course I will create a normal patch which can be pushed upstream but 
only if it is needed...

Martin Langhoff wrote:
> In the _completely hypothetical_ case that I had some time and chance
> to spin a 8.2.x release aimed at fixing the "paper cuts"[1] and
> low-risk bugs that hinder XO-1 deployability _today_ in the field -
> have *you* got any candidates? Tell me about them :-)
> I am specially hoping to round up bugs that have patches that have
> been tested in the field. So low low risk stuff that makes life easier
> and better for those that really matter: kids and teachers in the
> field.
> No promises for now, but I sure want to find a way to do this.
> Daniel's piled up a few good patches I am aware of, but I am sure
> there are more (from him and others).
> cheers,
> martin
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