SoaS3-20090822 impressions

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun Aug 23 07:52:50 EDT 2009

Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help;  I'm sharing my experiences.

Ran with SoaS3-200908222158.iso (booted from USB stick) on my XO-1. 
   Slow.  The sugar session was liable to vanish at the drop of a hat.

Kudos and congratulations on the use of metacity.  Xorg windows for 
Linux applications now behave as they should.  [In particular, 
firefox 3.5.2 runs beautifully, with correct-sized text.  So do my 
Java applications.]

Something I've mentioned before, which I think is a __BLOCKER__:
For some unknown reason (probably because the root filesystem got to 
be 98% full), Sugar put up the "Journal is full" warning -- and I
COULD NOT GET RID of that warning panel, which prevented me from 
continuing to use Terminal !!!  Ended up going to the text console, 
cleaned up some space in the root filesystem, went back to Journal 
to delete something there, and only then could I again use Terminal.
PLEASE, show that warning -- but put an (X) button on that warning 
panel so the user can (even if temporarily) get it out of his way.

Noticed some flakiness with Sugar palette functions -- I use an USB 
mouse, and had to click repeatedly on the self-icon in Home View in 
order to show the palette that would take me to 'My Settings'. 
Also, there were times when hovering over the icons (e.g., for 
running Activities) in the Frame top edge did not show the palette 
for that icon (I had wanted to stop that Activity).  [Other times, 
Frame worked as it should.]

Also noticed the "multiplier effect" in Terminal - click once in the 
vertical scroll bar and the screen scrolls many many pages.  [This 
is an old problem - but some builds show it all the time, other 
builds very rarely or not at all.]

Enough for F12 experiences,  mikus

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