SoaS-for-XO-1 image

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Aug 22 17:41:55 EDT 2009

>> as usual with all F11-on-XO1 builds to date
>> 'Record' (quickly) gave up the ghost, without
>> showing me any "moving picture" output from the camera.
> The camera doesn't work in Record, which is at least this bug:

You will notice that this bug report is several months old, and 
talks about the camera not being recognized.  These days I believe 
the camera *is* being recognized.  From today's dmesg:

> [    2.179390] Marvell M88ALP01 'CAFE' Camera Controller version 2
> [    2.200957] cafe1000-ccic 0000:00:0c.2: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)
> [    2.482758] ov7670 1-0042: chip found @ 0x84 (cafe_ccic)

I keep mentioning 'Record', because that is code being handled by 
people working on the XO.  But the _real_ problem started with a 
Geode driver change after Joyride 2602 -- that was the last time my 
various multimedia applications showed me what I would describe as a 
"moving picture".  Ever since, [first with F10-based builds and then 
with F11-based builds] I either get a completely blank screen, or 
only occasional "snapshots" extracted from the input data.  For 
instance, when running 'helix' (helix is the "movie" player for 
Browse), at best I get to see shrunken still_pictures - and those 
still_pictures get redrawn only rarely.  [Those same multimedia 
applications continue to work well for me with F9-based builds.]


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