Battery recovery issues

Emiliano Pastorino epastorino at
Wed Apr 29 10:26:26 EDT 2009

> Are you using the latest batman.fth?  I pulled a lot of batman
> functionality into the firmware and had to modify batman.fth to avoid the
> errors above.

I'm using  0.3.6.

Originally,  I only pulled in some key diagnostics but then in later
> firmwares I needed the formatting functions too so its a bit of a mismash.

Is there any up-to-date document on how to proceed when recovering a faulty
battery  using recent firmware?

> New firmware suspends only the battery interface and leaves the keyboard
> active.  'batman-stop' will resume normal operation.

Should I expect any output when running batman-start? I noticed that battery
interface is suspended,  but I don't see anything else
going on.

Now I'm trying to recover a red led flashing battery. Suddenly, it went from
flashing red to nothing and I'm also getting "No battery" from
and 0 1 2 0 1 2..... from "see-bstat".
When the led was flashing red, I could get an error code of "2" from
"ec-abnormal@ .". Now I'm getting "0". I'd like to know what that 2 meant.
can I get the explanation of those error codes?

I'll be testing more faulty batteries, so I'll be bothering here
periodically :)
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