Battery recovery issues

Richard A. Smith richard at
Wed Apr 29 09:43:25 EDT 2009

Emiliano Pastorino wrote:

>     Put batman.fth in /home/olpc and try "fload nand:\home\olpc\batman.fth".
> OK. That worked (I think), but now I'm getting this when I execute fload:
>  >sd.ddd isn't unique
>  >sd.dd isn't unique
> ec-rambase isn't unique
> ec-ram@ isn't unique
> logstr isn't unique
>  >sd isn't unique
>  >sdx isn't unique
> nand:\home\olpc\batman.fth:763: w16>d32?
> nand:\home\olpc\batman.fth:769: w16>d32?
> nand:\home\olpc\batman.fth:773: w16>d32?

Are you using the latest batman.fth?  I pulled a lot of batman 
functionality into the firmware and had to modify batman.fth to avoid 
the errors above.

Originally,  I only pulled in some key diagnostics but then in later 
firmwares I needed the formatting functions too so its a bit of a mismash.

>     Try to reset the battery with "1w-init bat-set-low" and
>     "bat-recover", I have seen a battery with the see-bstate problem
>     working afterwards.

1w-init should not be used anymore.  Rather you do a 'batman-start'

New firmware suspends only the battery interface and leaves the keyboard 
active.  'batman-stop' will resume normal operation.

> I get "No response from battery" with both commands.
> The battery is officially dead

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