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Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 27 12:04:46 EDT 2009

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Rob Savoye wrote:
> Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:
>> The XO-1 has hardware-accelerated XVideo, including YUV->RGB and scaling.
>>  Are you talking about hardware acceleration for the internal stages of
>> video decoding, a la XvMC?  Tests on a 1.0 GHz C7-M (the processor in
>> XO-1.5) indicate that software-only rendering should be fast enough to
>> play DVD-resolution video and audio.
>   Sorry, I wasn't quite clear, it's the existing XO hardware that has
> problems with streaming video when done entirely via software. A 1.0Ghz
> C7 is fast enough for software rendering of streaming video, but 400Mhz
> seems to be a threshold for software rendering of networked video. Both
> the C7 settop/NetBook I have here have Unichrome support (OpenGL), which
> helps for "YouTube".

OK... but "entirely via software" is Doing It Wrong.  With XVideo accel,
the XO-1 is perfectly capable of playing back YouTube videos at full
speed.  Observed performance is only awful because Gnash isn't using
XVideo, so YUV->RGB and scaling are being done in software.  If we built a
special-purpose "YouTube plugin" using gstreamer (with the patent-problem
decoder elements...) we would have full-speed video instantly.

For more evidence try olpc.dailymotion.com.  Those videos are
Vorbis+Theora at YouTube resolutions... and they decode beautifully on the
XO-1, because they're sent through the correct pipeline.

- --Ben
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