XO Camera

Jonathan Corbet corbet at lwn.net
Thu Apr 23 19:04:55 EDT 2009

[Sorry for the slow response, I am losing the battle with my inbox in a
spectacular way...]

>    > I've been playing with rawhide on the XO this morning now that
>    > I've finally got it booting of the SD easily and regularly. It
>    > seems the camera doesn't work either in the record app or in
>    > cheese. Looking at the dmesg output it looks like the sensor
>    > isn't supported in the rawhide kernel. Is there a kernel patch
>    > that needs to go upstream for support for this as well?  
>    > dmesg output: ov7670 0-0042: chip found @ 0x84 (cafe_ccic)
>    > cafe1000-ccic 0000:00:0c.2: Unsupported sensor type  
>    > 0x1<4>cafe1000-ccic: probe of 0000:00:0c.2 failed with error -22  
> This support should be already upstream.  I'd try building the module
> reverted to Linus cd257a6f4dd, in case one of the recent commits to
> ov7670/cafe_ccic broke detection.  Jon, any ideas what this might be?

Which kernel are you running?

Hans Verkuil (CCed) made a lot of changes for 2.6.30; I meant to try
them out, but, in the time I had available, I never did succeed in
getting a contemporary system running on my XO.  So there is a lot of
untested code in that driver in 2.6.30; given the nature of the
changes, a detection failure seems like a likely problem.

The fact that it's seeing something at 0x84 is a little suspicious.

Hans has an XO now; I'm not sure how far he's gotten in trying things


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