please post comments - 801 failed to connect to AP

Hal Murray hmurray at
Wed Apr 22 05:06:35 EDT 2009

> My own XO (running 801) had connected to that "free" AP when I
> visited some days ago -- as far as I could tell, today it  immediately
> re-connected when I booted it.  But the XOs of two other  persons
> (both running 801) were unable to connect when the icon for  the
> "free" AP was clicked on in Neighborhood view.  The icon pulsed  and
> pulsed, then eventually gave up.  What I thought was strange was  that
> when Frame was called up when the icon in Neighborhood view was
> pulsing, the palette shown in Frame (on the icon there for that
> attempted connection) initially indicated 'channel 1' -- but soon
> said 'channel 11' instead.

Did you try more than once?

I haven't tried an open AP.  Connecting with WPA2 is slightly flakey.  I 
haven't seen any pattern, but I'm no longer surprised when poking  the icon 
for my AP doesn't work.

Things may be different if you have/not done a suspend/resume cycle since 

Some APs that look open (don't have a lock) are actually keyed on the MAC 
address.  You need to poke a button on the AP to let somebody new in.  (This 
doesn't seem likely if you got in the other day, but maybe you were lucky.)

> (1) Could the wireless interface have switched from channel 1 to
> channel 11 ??  [If the "free" AP was actually on channel 1, that
> could be a good reason for not being able to connect to it.] 

I don't trust the channel info from the network icon in the lower right of 
the Frame.

My AP is on channel 6.  I've seen it say it was working on some other channel while it was connecting to my AP.  I think all the quirks I've seen could all be explained by displaying stale info.

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