Debugging booting problems with F9 on SD card...

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Apr 15 10:01:48 EDT 2009

>> What would it take to move the next XS Server release to either F10 or
>> F11 as F9 will be EOL as soon as F11 comes out in a month or so (one
>> month after F11 is out F9 will be EOL).
> It's a bit of a recurring question. I am swamped with feature
> development for a while. My hope is to port to F11 or even F12 when I
> can. Help is welcome and Jerry is doing a lot of work on F10/11.

Is there a current status of list and a todo list around somewhere, I
can help from a distro/packaging perspective but aren't much help from
development side of things

> But qualifiying something as an XS release is a sizable workload t is
> to do all the testing to ensure it is stable, installs/upgrades and
> works as desired. It takes quite a bit of effort and gear. And I want
> to limit how many Fedora releases I have to support. (My plan is to
> transition to a stable RHEL/Centos asap, hence my F11/F12 targets.)

Is the process documented somewhere?

> But that for the future.
> At this stage, people are needing to boot our F9 based XS-0.5.x and
> upcoming 0.6, and that's what I am asking for help with.
> Can you help me with that? :-) There's an odd issue with booting when
> an initrd is involved.

Not massively knowledgeable from a initrd perspective.


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