[BULK] Re: GPS on XO

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Apr 6 22:55:57 EDT 2009

pgf at laptop.org said:
> i suppose.  but if the user named their device that way, i'm not sure
> they'd expect it to be mounted in some other way.  and like it or not,
> unix needs to (and does) provide tools for navigating pathnames with
> spaces.

This user didn't pick that name.  I just plugged it in and that's what I got.

> i guess i'd be a lot more worried if the volume name (or whatever it
> is that's being used as the device name) could contain a slash ('/')
> character.  because that would no doubt render the device unmountable.
>  someone should try that... 

It's the same problem.  Whatever works for spaces should work for slash too.  
That may be an argument for using backslash in front of funny characters 
rather than quotes around the string.

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