Announcing Fedora 11 Beta for XO

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sat Apr 4 07:13:36 EDT 2009

>> Here's a build of the F11 beta release for XO:
>> Instructions on flashing are at
> How does this relate to the recent SoaS builds?
> I am trying to organise a test effort on Thursday, and was planning to
> target the latest SoaS on XO hw. Is this newer? Older? More
> XO-specific fixes? Less?

I'm not sure what release of Fedora SoaS is based on. From the Fedora
perspective this is the latest beta release, essentially a snapshot of
rawhide on the way to F11. It has all the latest Sugar stuff in it but
has no specific XO fixes in it. EG it doesn't have the XO specific
kernel patches in it which I assume SoaS does. Its part of the process
of getting all the XO/OLPC changes upstream into Fedora so that there
isn't extra maintenance required by the OLPC/sugar/XO teams and they
can concentrate on the more important things like sugar development
rather than having to build packages for gstreamer or xulrunner or

It would be great to get some testing done on it if possible to see
what the issues are with it. I've been meaning on taking a look at
SoaS to see what the differences are between that and rawhide but I
just haven't had the time to do so yet.


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