Hal Murray hmurray at
Sat Apr 4 05:04:00 EDT 2009

>From the Testing summary

> Roadmap-3
> Map of California came up, could move around easily.

Interesting timing.  Thanks.

I'm about to go on a long drive and it would be fun to be able to watch where 
I'm going on my XO.  I've got a USB GPS device that shows up on lsusb as a 
Prolific serial port.

Are there any other activities or whatever on an XO that use input from a GPS 

I can't get much useful out of Roadmap-3.  On startup, I get a street map of 
the San Francisco area, but scrolling doesn't update the map beyond the edge 
of the initial map and the help stuff doesn't do anything.

Does anybody know how I can download/preload maps for a region?   Or the help 

Poking around on the menus...

It finds my GPS device and displays a reasonable location.  It says 0 
satellites, so I assume it wants more info.  I've got a typical GPS toy 
speaking NMEA.  What $GPxxx sentences does Roadmap want?  It's currently 
setup to send only $GPRMC sentences.

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