Testing summary - Saturday 4 April 2009

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Apr 3 20:24:23 EDT 2009

2009/4/3 Tabitha Roder <tabitha at hrdnz.com>:
> Bridge-2
> Trains crashing into each other rolling over each other and the tangle of
> train parts made it hard to play... is there a way that you can restrict
> next train to not come until a certain time length has gone by? or a clear
> debris option for bits of broken train everywhere? reset button?

Trains don't come unless you request them. If you don't want another
train yet, then don't press space or t.
There are some basic usage instructions here that you might want to re-review:

It has a long way to go in terms of being more user friendly, of course!


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