build 8.2-760, Read activity and ebook mode - how to make them work together?

Gary C Martin gary at
Thu Sep 18 05:59:42 EDT 2008

On 18 Sep 2008, at 06:55, rihoward1 at wrote:

> I have not seen any documentation on how to navigate in Read in  
> ebook mode.
> I tried the various game pad buttons but have not had much success  
> in navigating.
> I would like to be able to scroll from page to page in ebook mode,  
> back and forth.
> Have the the buttons been implemented for ebook mode? If so any  
> hints out there on how to make this work?

Testing Read-51 on an XO, the directional arrows pad scroll a pdf  
about in steps (if you are zoomed in enough to have somewhere to  
scroll to) – these buttons rotate to match the screen rotation (a nice  
touch). The four other separate game buttons are, circle to page-up,  
cross to page-down, square to zoom-in, tick to zoom-out.

However... you must first put focus on the document (clicking on the  
page, or hitting tab a couple of times will do it). Hmmm, maybe this  
is worth a trac ticket as it's going to catch folks out.

It's worth noting focus behaviour changes have happened in a bunch of  
places (Journal being the obvious one), where navigation keys (cursor,  
page up/down) will go to unintended*** toolbar buttons unless you  
manually change focus to the scrollable area.

***for example I just accidentally set a pdf I have to share with my  
neighboorhood while re-checking the game pad buttons. And as we all  
know, for some bizarre reason you can never**** un-share an activity...

****actually there is UI a cheat/hack. Copy the offending activity to  
the clipboard using Journal, then use the clipboard to keep it in the  
Journal again. The new copy will be private, and you can just delete  
the other.


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