frame gets in the way when alt-tabbing

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Sep 15 00:59:52 EDT 2008

760.  Running (on my XO) a ported Linux application which puts up 
multiple screens.  As far as I could tell. I was able to access all 
of those screens by using the alt-tab procedure.  But while doing 
this the Frame was unacceptably intrusive.  For instance, I could 
not see the titles on the top line, which identified each screen.

If I rapidly pressed alt-tab and released -- the XO would not bother 
to switch screens.  If I slowly pressed alt, then tab - the XO would 
bring up the Frame.  I would need to release and press tab another 
time to get the XO to switch to the next screen (while still showing 
the Frame).  I would need to release alt to get the XO to stop 
overlaying the screen edges with the Frame.  [And it seemed to me 
that sometimes the Frame would not go away even then - I would have 
to press and release the Frame key to ensure that it was gone for good.]


One of the first things I did upon getting my G1G1 was to go into 
one of the .py files and __NOOP__ the "autoraising" of the Frame. 
That gave me Sugar screen behavior that was under *my* control.

Now, Sugar has again started to interfere with what I am doing --
by raising the Frame when I alt-tab.  I HATE THAT!  I HATE THAT!
I thought the idea was to have the human in control of the computer, 
instead of the computer dictating what the human may see.

I would like the Frame function in the Control Panel to allow me to 
optionally disable the automatic showing of the Frame upon alt-tab. 
  [Let *me* decide when I want to see the Frame !]

In the meantime, I guess I will have to go back to modifying the .py 
files in Sugar - to reclaim Sugar screen behavior that does not 
interfere with my use of the computer.


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