debxo 0.3 release

Richard A. Smith richard at
Fri Oct 31 19:48:32 EDT 2008

kawk at wrote:
> I have updated the firmware to Q2E20, and that error message is gone. Instead, once its complete, and I try to boot into debxo, it gives me a sad face and powers off after 10 seconds. Is this because it's an unsigned build, and I have no devel key after the reflash? If so, how can I put a devel key onto an unbootable XO?

Yes. If you installed you blew away your dev key.  Do you have a back 
up?  If not then you can get your key again via the collector key. 
Details here:

Put the key on USB disk in the /security dir and boot the machine with 
the USB disk inserted.  That will unlock your XO.

then at the OFW ok prompt type disable-security

After that your XO will be forever unlocked unless you enable-security

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