setup for XO development

Michael Stone michael at
Thu Oct 30 17:18:55 EDT 2008

On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 02:55:00PM +0100, Paolo wrote:
>I would like to try out the XO software and get started with doing some
>As I am a security guy, I am mostly interested in core development,
>especially bitfrost/rainbow, and the document store. 

Music to my ears!

If you haven't already found them, please check out and

There are a bunch 'TODOs' on those pages where your assistance would be
most welcome, or if you prefer, you might suggest some topics that
interest you.

>I expect an emulated environment would be a good choice for this type
>of development.

Actually, for a variety of reasons, I'm working quite hard to make
rainbow usable on stock linux machines like those represented by
Debian and Fedora chroots.

Therefore, if you can show me interesting rainbow patches that work in
those environments, I'm quite likely to take them. 



P.S. - One long-standing request which might interest you is to
integrate rainbow into the sugar-jhbuild system used by many sugar
developers so that they conduct their regular development in an
environment more similar to that found on-XO. A nice side-benefit of
this task is that you would become well-equipped to participate in
further sugar-related and tinderbox-related development in the natural
course of fulfilling the task.

P.P.S. - What are you thinking about document storage?

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