Future Features Planning Meeting: Minutes from 10/29

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 09:20:53 EDT 2008

We met on IRC on Wed October 30.

**Important note: The miniconference has been postponed to early January. **

Minutes from the meeting:
1 - Follow up on open action items from last week.

AI: Greg to resend request for proposals and include deadline of Monday
October 27. Will send to devel, sugar, techteam and server lists.

GS - Done

AI: Everybody: Read and update wiki. Add any major feature request to:
link to relevant threads on lists as needed.

GS - Page design updated thanks to Eben. Still needs more feature 
suggestions. This will go on beyond the miniconference.

AI: Greg to add submission to xocamp e-mail address to xocamp2 wiki
proposals section: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XOcamp_2

GS - Done

AI: Eben to transfer or transclude or link XO related sugar features on
feature roadmap page.

GS - Not sure if this is closed. Greg to follow up with Eben.

2 - Review XOCamp proposals from: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XOcamp_2

We reviewed the proposals for about 1 minute each. Two follow up items 
identified for each proposal:

- Check for consensus on reserving time for the proposal. Each was 
tentatively flagged as Yes/No/Defer. This was the preliminary opinion of 
those present and subject to change.
"No" means people thought it was not a good topic for the conference 
(can be changed).
"Defer" means people wanted to see more detail before deciding.

- Pick an owner who will follow up as follows:
A -- How much time is needed.
B -- Who can lead the discussion
C -- What preparation and materials should be created (e.g. 
presentations, code samples, other)

Since proposals may not make the final cut, owners should only do as 
much preparation work as needed to help us decide. Those topics which 
make the next round of selection will then get more detailed preparation.

For the owner of each item, please address the three points above 
(A,B,C) by updating the wiki page.

I started reformatting the page to make a place for follow up. Eben, S 
and wiki experts I appreciate any reformatting help!

Proposals reviewed:
* Who is the user and what do they want?
Yes. Follow up person: Greg

* Distributing OLPC
Defer. Follow up person: Rafael and Greg

* Annotation
Defer. Follow up person: Mel to follow up with SJ and Ed to get details 
filled in.  Also suggested that this and next two be merged with Ed's 
proposal called: "What does an electronic textbook look  like?"

* Book reading
Defer. Follow up person: Mel to follow up with SJ and Ed to get details 
filled in.

* Searching
Defer. Follow up person: Mel to follow up with SJ and get details filled in.

* 8n and l10n: 9.1 and beyond
Yes. Follow up person: Sayamindu and CJB to start filling in detail.

* Language learning on the XO
Yes. Follow up person: CJB to start filling in detail.

* Multiplayer wikipad
Defer. Follow up person: Mel to contact SJ to get more info.

* Customizing skins
Defer. Needs owner.

* School Server
Yes. Follow up person: Martin to add more detail.

* Customization, Imaging, and Activating XOs
Yes. Follow up person: Reuben, Kim to add detail and find an engineering 
partner to help present.

* Automated testing tools
Yes. Follow up person: Mel

* How does support work today - what can we do to make it better/easier?
Defer. Follow up person: Mel, Kim to flesh it out.

* View source key everywhere
Defer. Follow up person: Scott owner with Tomeu holding some info. 
Definition of this may be done already or may just need a "flash" session.

* Report Cards on XO
No. Follow up person: Greg to contact Yama and Mikus. If there is strong 
demand may come back.

* Power management
Yes. Follow up person: Deepak, CJB

* Eliminating Mesh, keeping 802.11
Defer. Follow up person: Greg to look for owner. May want to give Gnu 
and hour or two to use as he likes.

* Eliminating DRM in G1G1
No. Follow up person: Greg to check with Gnu. See comment above.

* Whether and how we want the volunteer community to help us with 9.1
Defer. Follow up person: Mel and Sebastian to follow up and combine with 
support item above.

* Replacing Sugar Totally
Defer. Follow up person: Greg to follow up with Gnu. See also above.

* Fixing & featuring activities
No. Follow up person: Needs owner.

* Next-generation journal ideas
Yes. Follow up person: Scott

* Interoperation with legacy apps
Yes. Follow up person: Scott and Marco. Also combine with Marco's
Compatibility with desktop applications proposal below.

* Printing
No. Follow up person: ?

* Libraries
Defer. Follow up person: ?

* Performance
Yes. Follow up person: Erik, Marco and Deepak. Also merge with Marco's 
performance item below.

* Compatibility with desktop applications
Yes but merge with Interoperation with legacy apps above

* Top five performance problems - Marco Pesenti Gritti
Yes but merge with Performance proposal above

* Web based activities
Defer. Follow up person: Marco to add more detail

* Sugar as an upstream project - Marco Pesenti
Defer. Follow up person: Marco to add more detail

* Files
Defer. Follow up person: Erik to add detail.

* Shutdown
Yes but merge with power management above.

To reiterate:
Yes, No or Defer are not final. A key factor now is to make sure we have 
an owner then get more details posted, especially on the defer items.

Next meeting Wed. November 5th 2PM US ET on IRC Freednode.net #olpc-meeting

Continue reviewing miniconference proposals. Starting at Networking section.

Let me know if there are any other items for the agenda.


Greg S

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