Allowing an activity to be launched multiple times in parallel

Benjamin M. Schwartz bmschwar at
Wed Oct 29 19:40:52 EDT 2008

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Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> I have a general sugar UI question: My activity, "License", a simple comic 
> book reader <> that has a license chooser 
> aspect to it, can be launched multiple times if clicked multiple times 
> from the activity launcher.
> To me, that seems silly.  Is it normal for Sugar activities to be able to 
> be launched multiple times like this?

I don't understand. Why are you surprised?  This is how every multitasking
OS works*.

Under Gnome, if I launch Totem twice, I get two Totem windows.  Under
Windows, if I launch IE twice, I get two IE windows.  Under Sugar, if I
launch Write twice, I get two Write windows.

As an Activity developer, you should not need to worry about this.  The
Rainbow isolation system means your instances can't talk to each other
anyway, unless they're accessing files in $SAR/data/.

- --Ben
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