9.1 Proposal: Activities as Building Blocks

C. Scott Ananian cscott at cscott.net
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Walter's portfolio presentation should be very interesting.  I've
spent a bit of time in Peru talking with him about it.

Briefly, the journal is a mechanism for finding and organizing
content, as well as serving a pedagogic role in allowing review and

But what's also needed is a means for *presenting* your work, often in
an order that *tells a story*, rather than being strictly chronologic.
 As the presentation is put together, the child should be encouraged
to reflect.  In standard Peruvian pedagogy, there are four questions
the student is asked to answer about their work:
  1. what did i do
  2. how did i do it
  3. why was it done (or why was this work selected)
  4. for what purpose is this work
Other teachers may have different questions they think should be
answered as a portfolio is assembled.

For my part, I like the idea of turning the journal into a "poor man's
powerpoint" as well as a "poor man's blog", but I'm not entirely
convinced the journal and portfolio should be merged.  For ease of
initial development, separate journal and portfolio activities is
probably the way to go.  But the portfolio actions definitely deserve

On 10/28/08, Michael Stone <michael at laptop.org> wrote:
> If one chooses to regard Activities as the "basic building blocks" of
> learning experiences, then it seems natural to wonder how these blocks
> can be glued together into larger learning structures. I will present
> some thoughts that Cynthia, Barbara, Chris, Brian, and I have had on
> this subject. (I am given to understand that Walter will also speak,
> either in this session or in another about his work toward a "Portfolio"
> activity and about his conversations with Peruvian educators on this
> topic.)
> Michael
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