9.1 Proposal: Forgotten or Missing Tools

Michael Stone michael at laptop.org
Tue Oct 28 19:08:38 EDT 2008

I've worked on a variety of tools or tool-like communication aids, e.g

   * gitembed / gitedit
   * test-activity
   * the Joyride dropbox mechanism
   * puritan 
   * triagebot
   * [[Friends in Testing]]
   * [[OLPC:Journal]]
   * summarize-activity

which I frequently wish were better known. Therefore, I'd like to
advertise, give some demos, show off some tricks, and request some
criticism, suggestions, and patches!



P.S. - If people prefer to spend time talking about tools that we wish
we had (rather than tools that we have but don't think about), that's
fine too.

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