Donations for travel to Nov 17 XOcamp, also spare bedrooms needed!

Michael Stone michael at
Mon Oct 27 15:29:16 EDT 2008

I wish to add two things to what Scott wrote:

First, two purposes for the conference have been recognized to date:

   1) to facilitate planning relevant to 9.1 and beyond,
   2) to build trust and relationships between community members.

Given present realities, three options have been proposed:

   a) travel scholarships
   b) postponement, e.g. to Fudcon in January
   c) remote participation

We all recognize that goal (1) can be conducted effectively by remote
means (c) but I doubt that goal (2) can be achieved in this fashion.
The question is therefore how to provide for goal (2). While I could
certainly accept a consensus forming around option (b), I happen to
think that (2) is so important that, like Scott, I would be honored to
fund travel and to supply room and board for one or two scholarships if
others felt the same way.



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