Donations for travel to Nov 17 XOcamp, also spare bedrooms needed!

C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Mon Oct 27 15:01:33 EDT 2008

Hi, folks.  It seems that OLPC is having some cash flow problems.  We
really think it's important to get as many people to the Nov 17
meetings as possible.  I'd like to consider asking for donations to
cover travel costs for key developers, like the sugar team: marco,
tomeu, erikos, and morgs.  The cost of their travel would be about
$2500.  Including school server developers (douglas), kernel
developers (deepak), translation team (sayamindu), and firmware
(mitch) would probably double that, and there might be more expenses
if we can't find homes to host them all.

Please email me, privately if you'd like, if you'd be interested in
contributing.  If you'd like to earmark funds for a specific developer
(maybe one not on my list) or team (sugar, kernel, translation, etc),
let me know.

We'll also probably need people to volunteer to host them when they
are in Boston.  If you've got an extra bedroom you'd be willing to
share, could you respond to this email?

Thanks!  I hope that with the community pulling for us, we'll actually
be able to make this event *more* inclusive than if OLPC were paying
for all travel itself.

Please feel free to cc the lists if you'd like to help out, to help
show the community that we *can* do this ourselves.  I'm not as
interested in seeing flames about how OLPC spends it money because (a)
it's not my job, but I can understand the economy's not great now, and
(b) the alternative is to cancel or downgrade the conference.  I'd
prefer not to see (b), and I'm willing to put up my own money to make
it happen.
 --scott (writing as an OLPC community member, not an OLPC employee)

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