Sugar unusable as an e-book reader

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Mon Oct 27 07:33:54 EDT 2008

On Mon, 27 Oct 2008, S Page wrote:

> david at wrote:
> In an ideal world the book would be packaged as a single collection (.xol) 
> file, so downloading it would unpack it in ~/Library and add it to the 
> content navigation in the OLPC Library home page.  You could try 
> and 
> .

hmm, I modified the script from the second link and used it to create 
bundle .xol files. putting them on the USB stick doesn't seem to work. 
they show up in the journal as unknown file types and hitting start 
doesn't seem to do anything (other than triggering some disk I/O)

the script is below. it looks like it's doing the right thing. the 
resulting zip file has the book + contents.

David Lang

## usage: xolbundle filename

mkdir -p $filename/$filename
cd $filename/$filename
unzip ../../H_$
cd ../..

# create the metadata
mkdir -p ${TARGET_DIR}
# note: this is a stupid script! please fix it!
# see
echo [Library]
echo name = "$filename"
echo global_name = "$filename"
echo long_name = "$filename"
echo library_version = 1
echo host_version = 1
echo l10n = false
echo locale = en ) > ${TARGET_DIR}/

# zip and rename as bundle
zip -9 -rq "$filename.xol" "$filename"

# delete extra files
rm -rf "$filename"

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