9.1 Proposal: Power.

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Sun Oct 26 01:45:44 EDT 2008

> awake.  The current scheme is already at its lowest it can be.  Jump to 
> the lowest setting and then put the cpu to sleep.  Any deviation from 
> that will use more juice.  If you wake up the CPU to do something you 
> have taken a large step backwards.

Actually, there's more we can do to save juice.  Currently, if you
turn on automatic power management, the CPU gets turned off while the
screen is still on -- and it never wakes up 20 minutes later to turn
off the screen.  The screen stays on til the battery dies.  That's bug

Fixing #6053 (suspend makes kernel slip against realtime) and
#4606 (XO can't resume from a timer) before the next major release
would enable the next batch of low-hanging power saving fruit, including


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