9.1 Proposal: Top five performance problems

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Fri Oct 24 18:00:20 EDT 2008

The Geode X drive copyes every bit of data to the command ring buffer by 
using the CPU so that is sure that those "almost no CPU cycles" thing is 
at least a bit stretch... :) According to Jordan Crouse it will not be 
better but he was not too concrete so in the end I am not sure what he 
was really talking about, see:

Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:
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> Erik Garrison wrote:
>> What about changing the kind of visual feedback we give.  Instead of
>> pulsing icons what about icons with a string of dots beneath, a progress
>> bar, flashing, or another kind of overlay feedback which requires fewer
>> visual changes (frames) and/or could be overlaid on top of existing
>> icons without calculating a new animation for every icon?
> We have GPU-accelerated alpha compositing on the XO, so we could do the
> current animation using almost no CPU cycles.  It's just a question of
> figuring out how to access that compositing.  As far as I'm aware, no
> effort in this direction has been made.  I don't know if "composite" here
> requires the use of "Composite" in the window manager or not; my knowledge
> of X is minimal.
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