9.1 Proposal: shutdown menu

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Wed Oct 22 14:09:19 EDT 2008

In the old builds I could initiate a shutdown and close the lid and the 
XO just finished the shutdown.
In the new builds when I close the lid the shutdown halts because of 
suspend (I think, can be mistaken). Could it be a little bit more clever 
about when to suspend? Or is it what you are referring with "(this will 
need to interact with lid-close in a sensible manner.)"?

pgf at laptop.org wrote:
> this feature has been discussed on the list(s) earlier, but i'm not
> sure of its status.  i'd like to make sure it gets on the table.
> (and it just came up in dan's ethiopian report.)
> currently it is much easier to "crash" the laptop (by holding the
> power button down) than it is to shut it down cleanly.  while the
> journalled filesystem (currently) can recover from this on the
> next boot, application writes in progress might not.
> pushing the power button on the laptop should present a menu or dialog
> allowing shutdown.  as a strawman UI, the pushing the button should
> result in a simple dialog that looks like:
>         The laptop will suspend in 5 seconds.
>            Shutdown | Suspend Now | Cancel
> (this will need to interact with lid-close in a sensible manner.)
> paul
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