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Mon Oct 20 09:20:59 EDT 2008

How should dependencies like TuxType's be handled?

(found list at,4,x86_64/tuxtype/deps )


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Subject: [Activities] Tux Typing on OLPC XO
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I maintain two of the Tux4Kids apps, Tux Typing and TuxMath.  At the
request of the OLPC project, I have been working on getting Tux Typing
to run well on the XO.  I have completed the most important changes
needed for Tux Typing itself, and it is now time to address bundling
it as a Sugar activity.  Tux Typing is a C program with a number of
library dependencies, not all of which are in the XO base setup.

Where can I look for info on this topic?

David Bruce
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