Master kernel in Joyride.

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at
Fri Oct 17 00:19:03 EDT 2008

On Oct 16 2008, at 20:18, Chris Ball was caught saying:
> Hi Deepak/Andres,
> Now that the Joyride floodgates are open, which kernel branch do you
> recommend we start testing in Joyride for the 9.1 release?  If the
> master branch, are there any regressions in it compared to the testing
> branch?  Which of 2.6.2[567] should we aim to ship with 9.1?

See Jeremy's message for kernel version.  For now let's just stick
to testing branch as master is still on 2.6.26, not been updated
since july, and does not have various things from testing in it.
I'll work with Dilinger on getting 2.6.27 + testing forward ports 
next week.


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