planning session for a technical conference for OLPC customers and community members

Erik Garrison erik at
Thu Oct 16 12:25:02 EDT 2008

Mel Chua, Hernan Pachas and I will meet in #olpc on FreeNode at 1pm EDT
to discuss a technical meeting for countries, community members, and
OLPC customers in general.  Such a meeting would be a forum to integrate
feedback from the field with our work at OLPC.

Hernan suggested the idea in late August but as of yet we have no plans
to implement it:

11:24 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg , pienso que debemos estar mejor
comunicados, y que cuando OLPC cree conveniente mejorar el sw, debemos
reunirnos para que OLPC reciba el feddback de nosotros 
11:30 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg : 1 o 2 veces al año, .. la diferencia entre
los workshop que OLPC esta realizando, este workshop seria diferente.
11:30 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg : ya que seria una reunión técnica
11:31 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg : y OLPC debe anotar los puntos en los
cuales todos los paises coinciden. y focalizarce en realizar esa

Quick and dirty translation:
11:24 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg , i think that we should be in better
communication, and when OLPC thinks it convenient to improve the
software, we should meet so that OLPC can receive our feedback
11:30 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg : 1 or 2 times each year, the difference
between the workshops that olpc is implementing, this workshop could be
11:30 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg : it could be a technical meeting
11:31 < hpachas-PE> wad, jg : and OLPC should take note of the points on
which all the countries coincide, and focus on improving them.

Please join if you are interested!


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