[sugar] 0.84/9.1 planning.

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 14:13:35 EDT 2008

> Scott:
>> I think more like:
>>  Nov 17-20: talks and hacking
>>  Nov 21: priorities meeting, wrapup.
>> I'm not the "planning committee", but this would be what I'd like to see.
> Works for me. Should we be concerned that talk (or aguing) might
> expand so much that there's little time to take actual decisions?
> Perhaps a strict schedule may help with this?

Yes - specific sessions with end times, for presentation and
brainstorming, as the start of future discussions.   We have other
good channels for lasting talk and arguing (like this one :)

Please suggest specific sessions or presentations you'd like to see or give:

> * It would be very beneficial to spend some time explaining SL
> mission and making plans on how to best decouple and integrate
> processes and infrastructure with OLPC. Perhaps Walter and I could
> give a talk about that and we would reserve a bit of time the last day
> to come up with actionable items about this aspect.

Definitely.  The first day will be given over in part to setting the
scope and expectations for the week; that would be a good time for an
initial talk about this (noting Tomeu's concern above, perhaps at the
end of the day, before dinner...).

It would also be very beneficial to spend a good bit of time at the
beginning reviewing feedback from our major deployments -- not only
peru and uruguay, which have their own full-fledged national programs
underway, but also the next tier of ten countries with thousands of
laptops in the field and specific needs, results, desires, amazements
and stumbling blocks.   I have posted a concept for an agenda on the
[[9.1]] page; please take a look, revise mercilessly, &c -- in it I
left much of tuesday for this sort of feedback.


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