OLPC Sugar-Fedora OS name (Carlos Nazareno)

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 15:37:48 EDT 2008

Hi Naz,

I'm going with XO Software Release 8.2.0 as the name of the next major 

Not sure how official that is but I hope I can make it stick.

So its "XO Software" and for a specific release, add  "Release n.n"


Greg S


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Subject: OLPC Sugar-Fedora OS name
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Hey all!  Quick question:

What's the official name/branding of the OS that ships with the OLPC?

It's not Sugar as that's the GUI, and neither is it Fedora 9 anymore
as it's been forked.

Can we clarify this as I find it really clunky in conversations
whenever I try to discuss it.

Does it have any other name than "The Build"?



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