Pseudo-locales for i18n testing by English speakers

Douglas Bagnall douglas at
Mon Oct 6 01:55:54 EDT 2008

A data point, just because I have a script that does this stuff:

Of the 118 activities linked from [[Activities]], the following have a
pseudo linfo field, and the asterisked ones have actual pseudo-ised

      org.laptop.MeasureActivity (Measure)
      org.laptop.Pippy (Pippy)
      org.laptop.TamTamSynthLab (TamTamSynthLab)
      org.laptop.RecordActivity (Record)
      org.laptop.AcousticMeasure (Distance)
      org.laptop.TamTamJam (TamTamJam)
      org.laptop.TamTamEdit (TamTamEdit)
   *  org.laptop.Connect  (Connect vs. [զք ЩЌठ ऊ ۦШи]حօղոչҁե)
   *  org.laptop.GmailActivity  (Gmail vs. [ҳﯽ Сیपżل Ƶ Հҟ]Вҕօաیэ)
      org.laptop.TamTamMini (TamTamMini)


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