5 sec boot

Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Sun Oct 5 19:23:31 EDT 2008

>  > On a related topic, I would like to see us start bundling the initrd 
>  > into the kernel image.  It's certainly possible to do that with existing 
> "into"?  i'd rather see it simply concatenated,
By "into", I mean "in the same file".

The existing kernel mechanism that I have looked at involves using the 
linker to bind the kernel with the initramfs, creating symbols that tell 
the kernel the location and size.  See 
Documentation/filesystems/ramfs-roofs-initramfs.txt , especially the 
"Populating initramfs:" section.

I don't have strong feelings about the mechanism that is used.  The 
method that is already in the kernel source seems like a good choice 
unless it has problems.

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